3 questions for Per Suntum

What thoughts/considerations are behind this work?

This is jewellery as an intimate sign. The human being lives daily with countless choices between intellect and emotion, between enthusiasm for technological development and an appreciation for the sublimity of nature. A piece of jewellery can create contact with this person. It must contain soulfulness as a prerequisite, so that the observer as well as the wearer of the jewellery is moved, is seduced, takes time for contemplation, feels excited, even provoked. I try to create these prerequisites by choosing materials according to their capacity and fullness of expression and to understand the material as an integrated part of a creative process in which cold, hard metal is transformed through complex material constructions into intimate objects with an immediately warm and gentle responsiveness.

How can the work be seen in relation to your other work?

All my works must always be seen in relation to each other in something fundamentally simple: that everything is related to everything else.

What materials and/or techniques have you used?

Gold, silver, shibuichi, and other metals – organic and reconstructed materials – precious stones. Processed so that the surfaces appear as though they grow out of the material. Combined, fused, mutated in spatially tense sequences, in thematic variations.

Department: Smykker
Object Number: SKFK-2008-005
Type: Broche
Material: Height: 1,4 cm. Width: 5,3 cm. Length: 6,2 cm.
Dimensions: Højde: 1,4 cm. Bredde: 5,3 cm. Længde: 6,2 cm.
Place of purchase: Kunstneren
Date: 2007




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