Uden titel

Tiril Hasselknippe
Enghave Brygge Metrostation Enghave Brygge Metrostation 2450 København SV Danmark
Kort om idéforslaget

Værket består af et væld af spiraltrapper udført i stål og et transparent kompositmateriale i blå, turkise og grønne nuancer.

Skulpturerne hænger ned fra loftet og kan ses fra alle niveauer i stationsrummet.

Kunstnerens introduktion

“I would like to make a series of spiral staircases sculptures hanging from the ceiling, cascading down the whole stretch of the back wall of the station, which gets a lot of natural light from the skylights.

The light will play an important role for the staircases at Enghave Brygge with the turquoise reflections and shadows spilling over in an ever changing display, a wavy dial with Morse code in watercolors.

Within these structures, I plan to expand on the architectural features and develop their potential as social objects and sculptures. Flying buttresses, stairs and balconies are examples, which are signifiers of support, movement and display. Much of my work tries to mediate between personal experience and the consensus, link ancient history with future projections, and unpack social coding and structural violence.

The stair is making the connection from plan A and plan B. It provides bridging levels, an instrument of transport, a provider of movement with a promise of elevation, not unlike the metro itself.”

Se hele idéforslaget i en pdf under ”Dokumenter” nederst til højre.

Title: Uden titel
Department: Skitser
Object Number: SKFS-2016-skitseforslag-10
Type: Integreret kunst


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