Tina Maria Nielsen
2016 / Hovedstaden
Udenrigsministeriet - herunder også ambassaden i Washington Ambassaden i Washington København K, 1448 Danmark
About the artwork

Tina Maria Nielsen takes her starting point in a familiar and expensive artistic material: Bronze. She has made use of a classic bronze casting technique, but her motif is far from classic bronze sculpture – an electric cable from her own studio.

Her work Stream (2014-2016) is characteristic of her production of bronze casts. She takes ’humble,’ overlooked everyday objects and uses the material to raise questions about their normal functionality and visibility.

The work enters into a dialogue with visual art (two-dimensional) and sculpture (three-dimensional) – the cable relates to the surface and the wall but, at the same time, sticks out as a relief. The work has a raw form of expression that stands in contrast to the space in which it is placed.

Tina Maria Nielsen has been awarded countless honors for her work and several working grants from the Danish Art Foundation. Her work is represented in Danish art museums.

Title: Stream
Department: Deponeret kunst
Object Number: SKF-2016-008
Type: Skulptur
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 210 × 180 × 2 cm
Date: 2016


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