Not me, but storyteller 03

Kaori Juzu
Kaori Juzu on the piece of jewellery

Which thoughts/considerations underlie this project?

Space before thought.

Through forging and repoussé work, I feel the material and aim to transform that feeling into a form. By applying multiple layers of enamel I seek to enhance the expression, not solely in order to create something different but to give depth to form. Form and surface should, so to speak, melt together – no longer me, but a storyteller.

How can one perceive this piece in relation to your other works?

I have allowed shapes, colours and sizes to meet, converse and influence each other. Every broche has played a part in the creation of a new one.

Which materials and/or techniques have you been using?

Materials: enamel, copper, fourteen-carat gold. Techniques: basic goldsmith techniques, enamel put in layers, enamel ring in oven (kiln fired enamelling and sugar firing), subsequently put together with a fourteen-carat gold bearing construction.

Title: Not me, but storyteller 03
Department: Smykker
Object Number: SKFK-2011-049
Type: Broche
Material: 11,2 x 8,4 x 3 cm.
Dimensions: 11,2 x 8,4 x 3 cm
Place of purchase: Museet på Koldinghus, Kolding
Date: 2011




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