Pernille Mouritzen
Pernille Mouritzen on the piece of jewellery

Which thoughts/considerations underlie this project?

The pendant comes from that part of the exhibition "over/under" called "horizon". It consisted of sawn-out children’s drawings combined with pictures of celebrities. The drawings were put on classical jewellery, such as the pearl necklace, the medal, the signet ring. They were a comment to the very constructed images of persons and their stories that are overflowing the medias today.

Combined with the children’s drawings and the very raw design (regarding the materials and the whole set up), the classical jewellery came to appear as a sort of cliché, suddenly pointing to a larger perspective that went beyond the world of jewellery. Thus, this was a way for me to use "the story of jewellery" to reflect certain types of medias’ cliché-ridden caricatures of very complex people, situations and themes.

How can one perceive this piece in relation to your other works?

The pendants from this series are part of my seeing the jewellery as an exchanged narrative between people. But besides that, these pieces also reflect my interest in working with surfaces, as well as using classical jewellery as an expression of modern clichés.

Which materials and/or techniques have you been using?

The figures are cut out in metal and rivet with bone and horn. Their eyes and glimmer are made of faceted glass brick. The chains are made of respectively silvered brass chain and ribbon, referring to old-fashioned toilet chains and the kind of ribbon used for medals.

Title: Bush-tank
Department: Smykker
Object Number: SKFK-2011-045
Type: Halssmykke
Material: 8 x 10 x 0,6 cm.
Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 0,6 cm
Place of purchase: Mette Saabye, København
Date: 2011




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