About Our Art

Our Art guides you through art in public spaces in Denmark bought and funded by the Danish Arts Foundation

Since 1964 the Danish Arts Foundation has contributed to the installation of more than 1200 works of art at particular places all around Denmark.

On this site, you can contemplate the collection of art funded by the Danish Arts Foundation, and you might also want to take a look at the pieces bought by the Foundation and lent out to institutions with public access. This includes a collection of jewelleries that are occasionally lent out to people representing Denmark abroad.

About the Danish Arts Foundation

Our Art contains images and descriptions of about 13.000 artworks and the site is continuously expanding.

  • awarding grants to creative artists
  • ordering new artworks for specific locations
  • purchasing works from visual artists, craftsmen and designers

The Danish Arts Foundation promotes Danish art by:

The quality of the artistic talent and production constitutes the premise of the Danish Arts Foundation's collection of supported artworks.

From application to the creation of an artwork

The Danish Arts Foundation handles many applications every year from places/institutions that would like to integrate artworks in their daily surroundings.

  • Whether the place has public access?
  • Would an artwork really make a difference on this particular location?
  • What kind of an artwork would match this particular location?

When choosing which locations should be granted the loan of an artwork, the Foundation considers:

Lending out jewellery

As well as purchasing artworks from visual artists, the Danish Arts Foundation buys jewelleries from some of the best jewellery designers in Denmark. Since 2007, it has been possible to lend these jewelleries, typically in connection with representing Denmark at official events abroad, but creative artists as well as filmmakers can apply for lending the various jewelleries as well.


All inquiries about the site can be forwared to kps@kulturstyrelsen.dk

Sune Blicher, Danish Ministry of Culture sub@kulturstyrelsen.dk.


The images on Our Art are copyrighted to the artists. For inquiries on use please contact the site administrators.


Statens Kunstfonds værkbeskrivelser er overvejende skrevet af Ulrikke Neergaard (UN), Helle Ryberg (HR), Julie Damgaard Nielsen (JDN), Mette Lynge (ML) og Sofie Andreasen (SA).

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