Organic. 23/14

Steen Ipsen
2014 / Hovedstaden
Udenrigsministeriet - herunder også ambassaden i Washington Ambassaden i Washington København K, 1448 Danmark
Kunstneren om værket:
In 2013, Ipsen received the Danish Art Foundation’s 3-year working grant. In this connection, the Art Foundation remarked that Ipsen is "one of the most gifted ceramicists in the country." His work is often called ‘basic research’ because he investigates the relationship between a form - and a decoration.

He is interested in process and investigates a theme again and again - as with the two works, for example, here at the embassy in which he assembles ceramic spheres to create an organic, effervescent shape. His works are often glazed, so they acquire a ‘lusciousness’ and an almost industrial look despite the fact that he has created a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Bubbles 3 (2003) and displays a theme he has worked on many times.

Ipsen is internationally-recognized and represented in many museums around the world, including Art Decoratif in Paris and the Victoria & Albert in London.

Titel: Organic. 23/14
Ordning: Deponeret kunst
SKF/SKFA/SKFK-nummer: SKFK-2014-007
Type: Keramik
Materialer: Stentøjsler
Produktionsår: 2014


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