Kunst udført til dette sted


Peter Bonde
2015 / Hovedstaden
FN-byen FN-byen, Marmorvej 51, 2100, København Ø, Danmark

Peter Bonde’s commission for the UN-city

The Danish artist Peter Bonde is posing to create a 4,40 x 3,70 m large art piece that will function as a point de vue when entering the foyer area in UN-city. In his practice Bonde is experimenting and challenging the nature of a traditional painting. In the work for UN-city Bonde has replaced the canvas with a special mirroring foil background. The painted motive is abstract and expressive in a blend of orange and pink with a slight twist of fluorescence, creating a very intense and eye-catching presence of colour in the room. At the same time the mirroring effect of the background will create a very direct dialog with the space and its users. Hence the work will balance elements of abstraction with a very direct figurative presence of architecture, people and movement in work.

Title: Untitled
Department: Kunst udført til dette sted
Object Number: SKFA-KKF110.2014-011
Type: Maleri
Date: 2015


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