Selvportræt som havmand

Arje Griegst
Title: Selvportræt som havmand
Department: Smykker
Object Number: SKFK-1987-011
Type: Fingerring
Material: Ring size: 8. Inner diameter: 2,1 cm. Outer diameter:4,3 cm. Height: 6,2 cm. Inner perimeter: 5,8 cm. Weight: 74 gram. Asymmetric perforation.
Dimensions: Indre diameter: 2,1cm. Ydre diameter: 4,3 cm. Højde: 6,2 cm. Indre omkreds: 5,8 cm. Vægt: 74gram. Ringstørrelse: 8 Assymetrisk hulning. Målene er ca.
Place of purchase: Galerie Metal, København
Date: 1981

Danish citizens officially representing Denmark at home or abroad at special events are able to borrow a piece of jewellery from the Danish Arts Foundation. Danish artists, performing a concert or a reading, arranging an exhibition etc., are also valid applicants.

The jewellery is purchased by the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Crafts and Design, and is created by some of the best jewellery designers in Denmark.

Read more about the arrangement on this site.




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