Kunst udført til dette sted


Mie Mørkeberg
2015 / Hovedstaden
FN-byen FN-byen, Marmorvej 51, 2100, København Ø, Danmark

Mie Mørkeberg’s commission for the UN-city

The Danish artist Mie Mørkeberg will paint a 3 x 7 meters large scale painting for the entrance room of the building. The painting will be made in acrylic and oil on canvas and in line with the artist's previous work the materiality plays a major role through the layers of colour and brush traces and imprints. The materiality is the starting point for the figuration where a story is told in symbols, thoughts and interpretations of and about the United Nations.

The painting shows a colonnade with a green path running through, which goes as far as the eye can see toward a brighter area. Columns, as in the Biblical creation myth of the Primeval Sea, Hercules pillars in Greek mythology that was standing at the transition from the inhabited world to the ocean, and the philosophical school of Stoicism that came from the word colonnade - the classical room for discussion and learning.

The columns in the painting are stacked up of books and sheets of paper in a very homemade style that brings us back to reality. The man-made columns are full of levers, gears and the whole machinery is kept going, while the columns holds together the entire room and a rudder ensures steering in the right direction.

Title: Untitled
Department: Kunst udført til dette sted
Object Number: SKFA-KKF110.2014-010
Type: Maleri
Date: 2015


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